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Meet Our Staff

Joely Zarra


DIY is Joely’s Mantra!  If you know her, you know she tries to encourage everyone to build their own or repair something themselves.  It’s a DIY Disease! Joely also saves EVERYTHING too reuse or repurpose and she creates new things with these salvaged items.  

Joely inspires others to DIY, learning to use hand tools and to reuse their throwaways to make other cool art!  Teaching at private parties allows her to pass along the skill of crafting, so others can continue on their own.  Joely is already planning to include Adirondack Chair building and hand made dining room tables for adults.

Joely is the Manager, Creative Designer, she runs the Marketing department and she is the Lead Instructor at the private parties.  Invite the The Crafty Hammer to your next event so you nd your friends can also catch the DIY Disease and learn how to make your own AMAZING Home Decor pieces as well as also learn how to recycle, reuse and repurpose really cool items that often get thrown away!

John Zarra

John has a long history as Mr. Fixit.  He always proves himself in the spur of a moment when something breaks or it’s needed badly!  He has his own full tool box and knows how to use every tool in it AND he measures twice before he cuts! 

John is a musician by trade.  He enjoys playing Guitar, Keyboards, Bass and sometimes Trumpet, but mostly the Mandolin.  He has recently put out his 3rd CD which included his daughter singing back-up on one song.  If interested, you can order a copy of his newest CD at: JohnZarra.com. 

John is working on some exciting musical projects for The Crafty Hammer.  This coming summer he will be offering some really cool instrument building private parties, including different drums and building instruments from recycled garbage too.    

John is the Wood Cutter, Machine Shop Manager and the Prototype Builder at The Crafty Hammer.  He also assists with the Graphic Designs.  John’s Role models are his dad, John Zarra, Norm Abram and Nick Offerman (Check out his books if you can!)