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General Questions

We are on a super journey at The Crafty Hammer to bring the latest and greatest projects to the community.  We believe that everyone can work with their hands and enjoy it too. 

Bringing cool, trendy and chic wood signs, furniture and more to the shop with more coming in the spring, we will keep your interest with ever changing arts and crafts to make.  

Please like our Facebook page so we can keep you posted on our new workshops when they are added as well as any cool news to come in the future.  


Do I have to choose my design ahead of time?

The Crafty Hammer workshops require pre-registration.  You MUST select your project size and design at least 72 hours in advance.  Open workshop designs can be chosen when you enter The Crafty Hammer.  These day of choices have less options.

How do I make sure I am seated with my friends?

If you are coming to a workshop with your friends, please add each of their names in the comment area or line where asked, and we will do our very best to place you all together.

Can I bring my own wine? Food? Other beverages?

The Crafty Hammer is regulated by the NY State Liquor Authority and we do not hold a liquor license (We haven’t applied as of yet).  We have an application on file that you may request and submit to the State of NY for your private event or workshop.  As well, proof of liability insurance must accompany the application.  If it’s accepted, you may follow the rules of NY State Liquor Authority on what may be brought.  

As for other beverages and food, we allow you to bring snacks and non-alcoholic beverages for you and your friends.  The Crafty Hammer also provides snacks and beverages on occasions.  We do this for a group as a whole and do not have any food restrictions in our shop.  So at any time, there may be nut products present, or milk products or flour or egg, or any other food or beverage products.


Does The Crafty Hammer Sell gift cards or retail items? Do they also ship them?

The Crafty Hammer sells Gift Cards for different monetary values.  Custom values can be purchased at any time.  The Crafty Hammer also sells retail items and will charge sales tax accordingly.  Gift cards and retail sale items can be shipped anywhere inside or outside of the US.  

How can I become a DIY Extraordinaire?

Anyone can become a DIY Expert.  With our professionally led workshops, each attendee will go home with newly acquired skills, a good sense of accomplishment that can be carried to additional projects at home.  We make sure to cover not only the ‘how to’ but also the ‘know how’ to set up your projects.  We discuss tools, work space, safety, maintenance and more for each project that we teach. 

We give you our education so you can do what we do with home decor and you can continue to create at home!  Then once you are ready to learn some more, you come back and we teach  you another challenging home decor item.  It’s just that fun and satisfying!   



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