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Welcome to The Crafty Hammer.  We create DIY Happiness with our wood crafts!  Wanna get crafty?  Or pretend you’re Crafty? Or just get out of the house so you don’t have to put the kids to bed?  Yeah, us too!

The Crafty Hammer will be offering free crafts to our friends and family when we open this summer, in Orange County, NY.  At our studio, you will be able to get crafty without the stress, headache or prep-work.  Whether you’re looking for a fun girl’s night out, unique company team-building event or just an excuse to get crafty with your friends, we’ve got you covered!  Our trendy designs and fool proof techniques ensures everyone leaves both feeling successful AND with a sign they will actually want to hang up!

Saw an interesting design somewhere that you love the idea of, or have an original design that you want to bring to life?  Whatever it is, we can make your ideas become a reality!  We can work together to come up with a size, design and color that works for your space!  Click below for more info. 

We also teach specialty workshops!  Ever wanted to build your own dining room table?  Adirondack type chairs for your backyard?  Bookshelf or spice rack for your home?  We will offer these a few times a year as soon as we reopen this spring.  So make sure to like our Facebook or Instagram pages to get notice of these awesome workshops first!  ***We are currently in the middle of moving to  Washingtonville, NY, where we will be located across the street from the high school.

Monogrammed signs


Lazy Susans and More

Cozy knitted throw blankets

Blanket Ladders

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When you book a workshop, you will learn how to make AMAZING Home Decor pieces and to repeat the same steps on your own to keep on creating!  We specialize in Farmhouse and Vintage graphics and also have many modern sayings as well as fun and friendly designs.



Booking a private event will secure the whole workshop for your group of up to 40 adults.  For an additional cost, your group can apply for a liquor license and insurance for your event.  if approved you can BYOB for your private event.  



We offer fun, age appropriate children’s workshops including crafts, wood and yarn in the Toddler Room.  Older children accompanied by an adult can sit in a family workshop or private party and create their own wood decor item.  

Children’s Parties

We offer children’s parties for ages 5 and older.   Designs can be chosen from our Children’s Designs or Custom Made.  Parents can provide food and beverages and order in advance and have it delivered right to the workshop in time for your party.   

We also offer Specialty workshops for children that are  held monthly.  Children can make AMAZING home decor items for upcoming and current holidays and seasons.



Our workshops are a great way for your team to socialize, work together and learn new skills while having a fun time.  The memories will last a lifetime!


We LOVE to help non-profit organizations raise money!  Contact us to hear about our fundraising programs and choose which works best for your group.


We are constantly updating our design offerings and have many themes to choose from.  We can also make custom designs and can include specific logos to any of our designs as well.  Contact us for more information.

Our designs are copyright protected.  Please contact us if you’d like to use any of our designs fro your personal use.  




If you LOVE DIY and working with tools this program is for YOU!  You will get your own set of tools, personalized apron and  space to work during ALL open workshops to work on your own projects that you bring in.


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